Sustainable Innovation Technology Services (SITES) Ltd

SITES is a start-up company specialized in Sustainable Innovation Consulting, Management Innovation and Innovation Strategy for researchers and SMEs in CleanTech technologies. SITES is passionate about innovation and research and work in partnership with global clients to achieve outstanding sustainable results and implement winning innovation  strategies. SITES provides not only consulting services but also communication, dissemination and outreach activities. The firm’s strategic marketing approach is based on insight into both advanced technological developments and novel business models, with innovation at the heart of the process. SITES has a specific expertise in the European water sector (water technologies, water policies, regulations, resources supply, and etc.). SITES view in water policy spans the European policies for water, water research and education, environmental regulations, European financing schemes, water geopolitics and water infrastructures industry. SITES has developed a recognized expertise in business modelling, technologies, and market assessments, especially in the sectors of smart water, environment, energy and smart agriculture.





SITES’ activities in WATERLINE are related to the WP2 as Task leader for T2.2 Ecosystems mapping and innovation ecosystems and WP5 as Task leader for T5.4 Policy Guidelines and recommendations. Utilizing the quadruple helix approach, SITES will work on the findings related to the R&I and skills needs identified in Task 2.1 and implement desk research about local sectoral strategies and policies to delineate local strategies to foster innovations, business, and growth in the digital water sector for each one of the sites where WATERLINE is implemented with the support of all partners. The formulation of these strategies will follow the methodology of the smart specialisation strategies for sustainability (S4), which deploys the regional innovation ecosystems approach to promote regional competitiveness. The main deliverable for this work package will be the creation of an Ecosystem map. With input from T2.2, SITES will execute T5.4 by collecting, via survey, evidence of the benefits to embed novel technologies in water education. This task also includes an analysis of this evidence at a dedicated workshop. SITES team will review all experiences obtain tailor-made recommendations for guideline creation for future implementation of similar programmes and for shaping policy recommendations for water professional training curriculum. Additionally, SITES will contribute to the expansion of the role of the involved HEIs in local regional development strategies.